How We Operate

Distribution of free oral care kits

Distribution of free oral health kits to orphanages, school, and the less privileged.


Community Based Programs, Oral Health Education in Primary Schools, Toothbrushing stations in Schools and Communities.

Free dental treatments in rural areas

We deliver free dental treatments to orphans, children and adults in rural areas via mobile dental clinics.

Oral Health Advocacy

Increase public consciousness of oral health through advocacy, strategies, partnership initiatives, community mobilization and government involvement.


Upcoming Project-Mobile Dental Camp Clinic

This year the Dentalcare Foundation hopes to successfully treat over 1250 children across ten days of outreach in the rural part of Ekiti State. Dental resources are very rare in these developing areas. There’s an inadequate gap in oral healthcare in the rural areas of Nigeria. This outreach program gives people a chance to improve their overall health, as oral diseases like gum disease can lead to serious systemic infections. Your funding will provide much-needed support for us to treat children with a wide range of Dental issues. We will provide free Dental screening, cleanings, extractions, restorations, and Fluoridation treatment. The money covers the essential costs of the dental treatments; the materials, instruments, equipment, and resources necessary to carry out effective dental treatment.