About Dentalcare Foundation

Mission Statement : Bringing Smiles to the Under-Served



To improve and cater for free oral health care for the Under-Served


Delivering free dental treatment and oral health awareness to orphans, children and adults in rural areas through mobile dentistry, advocacy and creative presentation.

We are here to:


  • Provide dental care to as many needy orphans who lack good basic oral hygiene and dental care.


  • Create educational or prevention programs in rural areas.


  • Distribution of dental supplies such as toothbrushes and tooth paste at the villages and rural communities.


  • Reduce low self-esteem in rural areas associated with bad oral health.


To provide free oral healthcare to adults and children in rural areas especially orphans


To improve and promote Oral health education  in rural areas


To increase general awareness of oral health among the less privileged and its related problems with specific attention to Orphans.


Promoting and encouraging oral health education to families in rural areas especially orphans left through provision of oral health kits


Provision of basic oral health needs i.e. brush, toothpaste, dental care, etc to orphans and children with disabilities, etc in various communities in the district and neighbouring districts.



To increase collaboration plans with other organizations, bodies or individuals whether national or international but having advocacy strategies for the similar cause as laid herein.


To have and cause the organization be registered in accordance with the laws and regulations governing Non Governmental Organization.




Dentalcare Foundation is a Non-Profit Humanitarian organization founded in 2018 with a view to improve and cater for free oral health care for orphans, children and adults in rural areas. Almost all of the adults and children in rural populations in Nigeria have absolutely no dental care. There is no doubt that there is urgent need for dental care in many of these areas. Most of this people cannot afford neither have they been enlightened about their oral health care. This does not exclude the Orphans. Our aim is to bring quality oral health care to these completely ignored underdeveloped areas, and to make significant difference in the lives of so many people, to see them smile with happiness in their hearts. Helping others is where we find hope.


Dentalcare Foundation was formed with a philosophy in mind: offering quality oral healthcare to the less privileged. Continued improvement and innovative ideas is our policy as this will ensure progress for many years to come. We intend to focus on one simple strategy: Giving the best basic oral healthcare service possible.


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