5 Tips For A Tooth Friendly Christmas


Christmas is here and the holiday has sneaked up on us, which means it is the time of year we laugh, eat and celebrate the holidays with our families. Here are some helpful hints to get you through this sugary Christmas Season with the healthiest mouth possible.

1. Don’t use your teeth as an opener

There is simply no doubt that this season will come with candies, drinks and packages to open. Using your teeth as an opening tool can cause them to chip off. Your teeth is not a scissors, nut cracker or bottle opener, so don’t make it do the work of one. No matter the object or excitement you have to get it open, it’s never a good idea to use your teeth for anything other than chewing and smiling.

2. Christmas Concert While Brushing

Are you a 2 seconds brusher? Don’t worry, simply turn your toothbrushing time into a Christmas Rock Concert by plugging in your favourite two minutes carol or holiday song. Playing your favourite 2 minute song while brushing your teeth makes it less of a task and more of a fun and calming time. Consider this the ‘Yoga of Dentalcare’. Remember, tooth brushing should last at least two minutes for you to get an optimum effect.

3. Less Sweets, Eat Fruits, More Water

Sweet foods and drinks are hard to avoid around the holidays. Instead of piling on sugary meals, turn to more fruits which is an healthier option. However, if you must satisfy your sweet tooth do it right before you eat a meal. This is because the saliva you generate from eating your meal helps clean the sugar from your teeth. Limit sugary drinks to meal time also and drink lots of water. Not only is water sugar free it also helps wash away some food particles that may be stuck to your teeth.

4. Practice good oral hygiene

Stick to a good oral hygiene routine this Christmas and brush twice a day. Be sure that you are brushing gently and rightly with a medium bristled toothbrush for adults and soft for kids. Brushing too hard can damage your teeth and gums. Also remember, a floss a day can keep cavities away.

5. Gift out a Toothbrush/Advocate For Oral Health

Many rural communities have little or no access to oral health services.Some of these communities do not have access to the basic things needed for a good oral hygiene like clean water and toothbrushes. For many of the children living in these under-served areas, when you gift out a toothbrush to them, this may be the very first toothbrush they’ve ever owned. Some families are so poor that they all share a toothbrush. How about you change that narrative this Christmas one child at a time? You can advocate for oral health access in under-served and economic disadvantaged communities around you in every way you can. You can also donate toothbrushes or sponsor a child’s oral health services in those communities. Don’t let this season go by without touching a life.

Our entire team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday and we can’t wait to see your bright smile in 2020 as you also brighten the smiles of others.

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