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Dentoville Foundation was initiated from a vision to establish an international standard dental organization in a bid to cater the growing needs of quality oral healthcare services for the less privileged. With compassion and understanding, we want to strive to deliver the best in a most gentle and loving manner. We are happy making a difference in the life of someone so they too can pay it forward. This organization was founded in other to give a deeper gift in form of good oral health care to those who cannot afford it. Only through unlocking this vision can we contribute to making our society more just and vibrant – Creating a change in the way we see, feel and think about others. My dedication to helping people has prompted me to lead this movement. I urge you to join Dentoville Foundation, so we can build this vision together.

I, along with greater numbers of good people can greatly impact the lives of so many people out there by bringing light to their smiles. May you be blessed in your efforts to help those less fortunate and to improve the quality of life for us all.

Together we can bring smiles to the less privileged.

Adeniyan Adekemi (B.D.S)
Founder and Executive Director
Dentoville Foundation

Adebayo, Ado Ekiti

Ekiti State


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