Adekemi Adeniyan

Adekemi Adeniyan is a mobile dentist working in rural communities. She is the Founder and the Executive Director of Dentalcare Foundation formerly known as Dentoville Foundation. Dentalcare Foundation is an organization that provides free oral health education and treatments to orphans, children and adults in rural area with the aim of fostering health Equity in underserved communities. She is also the co-founder of Komplete Woman, an organization that mentors young women to discover their purpose early and empowers teenage mothers who live in the slum. She is a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative RLC, West Africa, an associate fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, UK, a 2019 Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity at George Washington University, a 2019 Alumni of the African Changemakers Fellowship, and a 2019 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholar at Lancaster University,UK. Adekemi is a 2019 UK Wintrade award finalist and a 019 nominee of Her Women of the Year Network Award for Healthcare She is also an Associate Pastor in New Reality Christian Centre. She is passionate about optimizing, improving and developing oral healthcare system and exploring the issues of rural communities and culture as it relates to oral health. Her vision is to ensure that everyone in Nigeria has an equal access to oral healthcare irrespective of their age, status or gender. Dr Adekemi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry from i.Ya Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine and and undergoing an MSc in Medical Leadership at Lancaster University as a Commonwealth Scholar.